Traffic jam problems on the TF-1 in Tenerife

José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga mayor off Adeje
José Julián Mena mayor off Arona
Pedro Martin mayor off Guia de Isora


Mayors of the South denounce the “very serious inaction” of the Minister of Public Works
The councilors of Arona, Adeje and Guía de Isora (PSOE) claim against the “inability” of CC ( cabildo de canarias) to carry out key road projects that end with the “suffering of thousands of citizens forgotten by the Government”

The Regional Councilor for Public Works is plagued by criticism from the South. Yesterday the Circle of Employers and Professionals questioned Pablo Rodríguez for his “repeated breaches” and for taking “the path of not moving anything in the region, at least until September 2019”, this time there are three of the mayors  with greater power in this area of the Island those who, in declarations to DIARIO DE AVISOS, put the cry in the sky for the lack of response from the Government of the Canary Islands to the rhythm of the large infrastructures to put an end to the serious problem of mobility suffered by thousands of people every day, trapped in ways that stayed small many years ago.

The new links in Las Chafiras-Oroteanda, the third lane of the TF-1, the closure of the Insular Ring, the new access to Los Cristianos and the improvement of the secondary roads are still stuck, and the indignation grows between councilors and businessmen, who they see in the Canary-State road agreement, pending signing, the “excuse” of the counselor not to proceed with any of the pending actions, “when he himself guaranteed that they would advance them even without a signature between both governments”. “Where are the tenders and the drafting of projects?”, Ask themselves from the southern employers and local councils.

The mayor of Guía de Isora and secretary general of the PSOE Tenerife, Pedro Martin, considers “very serious lack of action” of the Canary Islands Government on roads. “The failure of the Canary Coalition with the mobility of the Island is more than evident. Finishing the year without having started the Las Chafiras-Oroteanda link, announced for October, and the closure of the Insular Ring, despite the repeated promises of the Minister of Public Works and the president of the Cabildo, is another example of the inability of CC to When planning and executing projects. ”

Pedro Martín emphasizes that “what was once a specific problem at certain times and in concrete areas has become a stuck island”. In his opinion, in the North and the South “there is a clamor; we can not continue like this. ” For his part, the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, indicates that “the lack of planning on the part of those who have been at the head of the Government and the Cabildo in the last 30 years is very serious. We continue to suffer from obsolete infrastructures that provoke insufferable situations every day for thousands of citizens. The inaction of the current Minister of Public Works is the inheritance he has received from CC and from a Government that has not complied with the South. ” Rodríguez Fraga recalls that “we do not even know Pablo Rodríguez, because he has not deigned to visit our region to check the problems we suffer.” In that sense, he assures that “the citizenship feels forgotten by an Executive of the Canary Islands that does not offer solutions in such important matters as transport, roads and infrastructures”.

For the mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, “the executive’s sloppiness threatens to strangle the economic development of the southern region.” The Aronero president regrets that the Minister of Public Works “not only has not started a work of draft, but there are no drafted projects and mobility has been planned as a whole taking into account industrial estates, shopping centers, the airport, the future hospital or the port of Los Cristianos “. Mena considers it an “authentic pity” that in Gran Canaria the debate is, “with all legitimacy”, the road to La Aldea, “while in the South it seems impossible to undertake something as basic as the extension of a motorway, not to mention the closure of the Insular Ring or the integral reform of access to Los Cristianos “. Asked about the train project between the capital and Adeje, the mayor of the municipality with the largest population in the South seems to be a “science fiction approach”.

Even the president of the Cabildo, Carlos Alonso, of the same party -Coalición Canaria- that the Minister of Public Works, has not hesitated to criticize Pablo Rodríguez, after he said days ago that the political criticism he receives for traffic jams in Tenerife They are “disproportionate.” Alonso, in statements to the COPE Network from the World Travel Market in London, described the statements of the head of the Department of Public Works as “very unfortunate.”

“The queues are a problem on the island of Tenerife and must be resolved by all public officials, and I certainly have a part of responsibility, but especially Pablo Rodríguez, who is the counselor of the matter, which should apply in solving the problems and not criticizing the people who criticize him, “said the insular agent.

Source Diario de Avisos

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